Realign your body clock with nature

Circada lighting brings nature indoors by matching the sun's rhythm outside, improving health and wellbeing

  • Improves sleep and increases alertness
  • Quick plug-in-and-play retrofit/install
  • No commissioning needed

The body clock is primarily set by light in the environment. Therefore, the ubiquitous artificial light around us can send the wrong information into the system leading to misalignment and dysfunction. Typically, we get insufficient light during the day and excess at night. This mismatch with the body's needs is increasingly being linked to a host of modern health illnesses and disorders such as obesity, metabolic, cardiovascular, sleep, inflammation and poor immune function.

Circada lighting therefore provides light in tune with the sun's rhythm, changing the colour and intensity by the time of day and season where you are, perfectly synchronised with nature.

What we do

Circada improves health and wellbeing through its unique lighting controls. This consists of an adapter that connects to existing tuneable white LED drivers that is straightforward to retrofit with no need for complex commissioning, using a typical light switch as its interface. We can provide additional configuration ahead of install if required for a particular project in order to match the lighting specification, again providing advanced circadian lighting that is plug-in-and-play and equally still commissioning free.

We further offer an end-to-end system including luminaires optimised for the human body clock, providing illumination spectrally akin to sunlight.


Contact Circada

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